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 Ara was born in Malaysia and developed into one of the top junior tennis players in Asia.  Instead of continuing in tennis, Ara moved to England to study medicine at Liverpool University Medical School in England.  After graduating from medicine Dr. Ara spent 3 years training in surgery and then found his passion for emergency medicine.  12 years later, Ara is an ER physician, Chief Wellness Officer of Florida Emergency Physicians, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Central Florida Medical College and personal physician to many of the world’s top professional golfers, tennis players, and other athletes. 


"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward.

Elite and gifted athletes are usually hard-wired with DNA that gives them a distinct advantage in terms of athletic performance. That does not mean they can’t be taught to improve on their natural ability and holistic health with the help of a scientifically-designed program incorporating four important elements: a better understanding of human movement, improved strength and conditioning, better nutrition and a healthier mental wellness. With his “Achieve DEPTH” program, Dr. Craig Davies can inspire the athlete in you to reach your true human potential while helping you reach your personal goals for health and wellness.

DEPTH = Davies Elite Performance Training and Health

Davies: Dr. Craig Davies is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on athlete training. His knowledge base and skill set includes a diverse understanding of critical elements of personal and physical devilment including: fundamental movement development, strength and conditioning, whole foods based nutrition, chiropractic, Active Release Techniques (ART), Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), ChiroTraining, Dry Needling, KinesioTaping, PRI amongst others.

Elite: Although his clientele includes some of the world’s elite athletes, Dr. Davies works under the assumption we are all athletes with untapped potential. The word “elite” as it applies to Dr. Davies’ program refers to both the level of respect he has achieved amongst his peers and the athlete clients who have achieved results using his DEPTH Systems. When adhering to the guidelines of the program Dr. Davies also believes each of us are able to attain “elite” levels of execution in our physical and mental endeavors.

Performance: Whether it is in your sporting arena or in your daily activities, performance is what determines your success and personal level of satisfaction. No one cares about something you didn’t do, or remembers you for something you didn’t accomplish. The ultimate measure of success is about setting your goals high enough that they become worthy of attainment – and then going out and accomplishing them. There is always a better YOU. Dr. Craig Davies can help you release YOUR potential.

Training: Training is teaching and developing in others the skills and knowledge that can be precisely applied to useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one’s capabilities, capacity, productivity and performance. That is what Achieving DEPTH is all about!

Health: We cannot sacrifice your long-term health in exchange for short-term performance. These two concepts are not exclusive to each other. Using whole-food based nutrition, movement competency and excellence along with the development of a solid foundation of knowledge ensures high-level athletic performance and long term health – in essence, inspiring YOU, the athlete, to maximize your potential.

If a coach tells you they know it all or that achieving results are easy, they are either lying to you or they don’t understand the body enough to realize how little they know. The body is a complex integrated system that requires an individualized, custom-tailored program to deliver the most effective results in the safest manner possible.

As an athlete you are trying to better yourself on a daily basis; it is therefore critically important for you to be working collaboratively with a coach who is also striving to improve personal competencies every day. This concept of on-going self-improvement is an area that separates Dr. Craig Davies from his peers; he believes the quest for knowledge is an endless and organic process, and only through constant learning and experience can true knowledge be gained.

Craig’s clients have included PGA Tour champions, NHL players, MLB players, triathletes, martial artists and many elite amateur athletes. Dr. Davies is a best selling author in the field of movement and conditioning and is an international lecturer and consultant for movement, body mechanics, manual therapy and nutrition. He has received his Honors in Kinesiology Science and Biology from the University of Western Ontario and his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Canada.

Craig is renowned for his detailed assessment of the athlete’s body and identifying the “gifts” and “limitations” that are unique to each of us. Whether you’re an elite athlete in the beginning stages, prime stages or diminishing stages of an athletic career, you can reap the benefits and extend your performance capabilities with help from Dr. Craig Davies.

The following athlete-focused Achieve DEPTH Systems are available:

  • Detailed individualized body mechanics assessment and program design
  • Ongoing DEPTH fitness programming
  • Web based virtual consulting
  • Team or group consulting

Please contact Contact@AchieveDepth.com for further information or inquiries