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Dr. Ara Suppiah

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Ara was born in Malaysia and developed into one of the top junior tennis players in Asia.  Instead of continuing in tennis Ara moved to England to study medicine at Liverpool University Medical School in England.  After graduating from medicine Dr. Ara spent 3 years training in surgery and then found his passion for emergency medicine.  12 years later, Ara is an ER physician, Chief Wellness Officer of Florida Emergency Physicians, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Central Florida Medical College and personal physician to many of the world’s top professional golfers, tennis players, and other athletes. 

Show Notes:

4:00 - Differences learning a sport today

12:00 - The art of the grind

13:00 - Great ball-strikers (Graham DeLaet, Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose)and the trap of early identification of professional potential

18:30 - The importance of learning how to win

23:00 - Learning a new skill

25:00 - The trap of sacrificing future health for today's ego

30:00 - Recovery, chronic inflammation, sleep

34:00 - Chronobiology, the PER gene and why we need both morning people and night owls

39:00 - Roger Federer, Nadal and the importance of creating efficiency

44:00 - The importance of maintaining your range of motion and potential to perform as we age and why movement is medicine

48:30 - Greg Kovacs and why my training sucked when I was a teenager

54:00 - Personalized medicine, the medical carwash,

101:00 - Ketosis, the pluses, and minuses and the role of genetics

104:00 - Why you need to take control of your own health and not rely on a health practitioner

106:00 - Why not everyone should be drinking bone broth, kombucha, and other "healthy" foods

114:00- The "DEAP 10



From a company perspective, corporate success is often measured in profits. For the corporate executive, however, success is determined by performance metrics that can push individuals to the very limit of their physical and mental capabilities. Career longevity in corporate boardrooms is often based on a person’s ability to sustain such peak levels of performance. To deliver on such demanding career expectations while also improving levels of personal health and wellness, the world’s top executives have long sought out the experience and expertise of Dr. Craig Davies.

It is not uncommon for executives to put their health and wellness on hold while they concentrate their time and energy into building their careers, businesses and corporate relationships. The long hours, stressful environments and excessive time seated and stationary have resulted in significant health issues for many executives and their families. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, obesity and many other lifestyle and social diseases that are so common in today’s executive environments are correctible with the proper plan and execution. Research has shown executives who include a specifically designed exercise program in their weekly routine have greater productivity and success at work and an improvement in the biomarkers for health and wellness.

Our body’s ability to prevent disease and maintain the health of our cells, organs and body as a whole is dependent on movement. Without movement our lymphatic system cannot be utilized effectively. Our lymphatic system is what our bodies utilize to flush waste and other unneeded byproducts. Adding even small regular bouts of movement into your day can increase the performance of your immune system and help prevent so many of the diseases responsible for the majority of preventable deaths today.

The health and integrity of our joints and bodies are not dependent on medications. They are dependent on movement and nutrition. It’s critical to your long term health and overall performance that you regain control of your body and eliminate your dependence on medications to survive from one day to the next. Improve your health and stop masking the symptoms with drugs that don’t correct the root cause of the problem.

Learning how to move and nourish your body to the best of your ability has so many amazing benefits that will help improve how you are able to interact and respond to the world you live in. Your body’s main source of disease prevention, pain dampening and inflammation removal is dependent on your body’s ability to move. The greater and more efficiently you are able to move your body through pain free motion the better; the more consistently you use your body in this manner, coupled with an effective and consistent nutritional plan, helps you achieve the following benefits:

          • decreased inflammation
          • decreased pain
          • less likelihood of mental and physical disorders
          • lessening or full elimination of prescription medications
          • greater productivity in both your personal and professional lives
          • less likelihood of preventable death

Dr. Davies Corporate DEPTH programs have been designed to be experienced by both individuals and small groups.

The Individual Corporate DEPTH Program is a very specific plan designed around the individual’s current lifestyle, diet, exercise and travel schedules. Minimizing pain, disease and increasing health and wellness are all attainable results clearly within your grasp with Dr. Davies program.

The Group Corporate DEPTH Program allows teams of corporate executives the opportunity to learn with and from each other. It also encourages a greater collective capacity to promote and achieve professional and personal goals.

For many individuals and teams in the corporate landscape, the office and the lifestyle associated with the profession unintentionally promote the following:
High levels of physical and mental stress
Poor nutrition habits
Minimal movement
Inadequate sleep and recovery.

These factors can often snowball and result in an increased chance of lifestyle-associated diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancers and cognitive decline.

These lifestyle diseases affect an enormous percentage of the population and are both preventable and often reversible!

The Corporate DEPTH program helps evaluate your individual likelihood of developing a lifestyle disease. It also addresses the holes in your daily routine that prevent you from being able to ACHIEVE DEPTH and your desired successes.

To inquire about your individual or a company Corporate DEPTH program contact Corporate@AchieveDepth.com