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 Ara was born in Malaysia and developed into one of the top junior tennis players in Asia.  Instead of continuing in tennis, Ara moved to England to study medicine at Liverpool University Medical School in England.  After graduating from medicine Dr. Ara spent 3 years training in surgery and then found his passion for emergency medicine.  12 years later, Ara is an ER physician, Chief Wellness Officer of Florida Emergency Physicians, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Central Florida Medical College and personal physician to many of the world’s top professional golfers, tennis players, and other athletes. 

Golf Performance

Your physical mechanics are unique. Like snowflakes and diamonds and fingerprints, your body movements are one-of-a-kind; you are an original creation on a molecular level and, as a result, your pattern of motion is also distinct – especially when it comes to your golf swing.

Every golfer has a unique “golf swing fingerprint.” That is because you move differently than every other person who picks up a golf club. You have different body design. You have a different athletic history. You have your own unique “gifts” and conversely, you also have your own “limitations” within your physical skill set. Your “gifts” are the physical advantages your body provides that allow you to move in a favourable manner during your golf swing. Dr. Craig Davies knows how to develop, nurture and maximize those gifts.

The “limitations” are the areas or physical skills that are holding you back from being able to swing the club the way you and your teaching professional want you to swing it. These limitations are often the reason changes in your technique do not occur in the timely manner you wish they would occur; they can also be the reason you feel pain or restrictions during or after you play golf.

In the golf universe, Dr. Craig Davies has an unparalleled amount of professional experience working with golfers of all skill levels. Craig began his career in golf working with local juniors and amateur golfers, many who played for fun at their local country club or in local junior and amateur tournaments. Craig then went on to work with the Canadian Junior National Program (CJGA) helping Canada’s best young players, many of whom went on to have professional careers.

Craig met world-renowned golf teacher Sean Foley in the early 2000s and for the past decade they have collaborated to work with many top junior, mini tour and PGA Tour professionals including Hunter Mahan, Stephen Ames, Sean O’Hair, Tiger Woods, SY Noh and Matt Every. Craig helped YE Yang become the first Asian born player to win a Major Championship at the 2009 PGA Championship and has worked with other ball striking stars such as Graham DeLaet, Kevin Chappell and Anthony Kim. Dr. Davies has attended more than 250 PGA Tour events and has consulted more than 75 PGA Tour Players. He has also performed golf specific assessments on over 1000 juniors, amateurs and professionals.

Many of these players sought out Dr. Davies because they were struggling with injuries that threatened their ability to continue to play golf at a competitive level.

Craig’s ability to perform the detailed DEPTH System assessment has helped transform the lives and abilities of thousands of elite golfers and athletes. Throughout customized assessment with The DEPTH System – Davies Elite Performance Training and Health – Dr. Davies first uncovers the gifts and limitations in each player’s body, and then he creates a progressive and individualized movement and nutrition program allowing players to return to the top of the golf world.

Craig’s best selling golf fitness book “Golf Anatomy” has sold more than 40,000 copies around the world and has been published in over a dozen languages. Craig has been a keynote speaker at major golf summits, including twice at the World Golf Fitness Summit and the Canadian National Golf Performance Summit. Dr. Davies has consulted for International Federations and PGAs rom around the world including Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago and Italy.

Identifying the limitations within an individual player’s body is not the only advantage of a full DEPTH system assessment; in fact, one of the greatest strengths of Dr. Davies’ program is to identify which of these limitations are correctible and which of these limitations are structural issues that the player must learn to manage their technique around to enable maximum improvements in the safest shortest period of time.

Individual Consulting:

Dr. Davies works directly with individuals. If you are:
An amateur player who plays in local tournaments or just wants to improve your game so that you are able to play to the best of your ability

A professional player suffering from a physical ailment that is preventing you from playing your best or you are looking for a personalized program that will allow you to display your physical gifts and improve your limitations so that you can develop your technique safer and faster contact Golf@AchieveDepth.com
A Private Country Club or University looking to add a golf fitness and health expert consultant to your program please contact Golf@AchieveDepth.com

Group and International Consulting:

International federations, PGAs, University programs and Private Country Clubs from countries around the world have sought Craig out to conduct seminars or provide ongoing player and coach support including Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, and Trinidad and Tobago. For inquiries about adding your country, private club or golf program to Dr. Davies and the DEPTH System list, please contact Golf@AchieveDepth.com


Dr. Craig Davies has been teaching golf fitness and health professionals as well as golf teaching professionals for over a decade – initially through his ChiroTraining International program and now through the highly sought-after DEPTH GOLF Systems. To inquire about hosting a seminar contact Courses@AchieveDepth.com or to take one of the online courses