To say we are in unchartered waters is an understatement for the vast majority of today’s society.  Very few of us would have any experience with respect to pandemic disease.  The current recommendations of hand washing and social distancing to minimize the spread of COVID-19 are limited in effectiveness and suboptimal at the very least!  Achieve DEPTH feels it is important to provide PRACTICAL, STRATEGIC and ACCESSIBLE information and options for our friends, family, and customers to attain the most resilient body’s to deal with the novel coronavirus.  Realistically, it is next to impossible to prevent coming in contact with a virus as contagious as this specific virus.  The best thing we can do is create an immune system that is most likely to fight off the virus as quickly and with the minimum short and long term damage to the body as possible.

The following recommendations are what, the respected and knowledgeable doctor behind Achieve DEPTH, Dr. Craig Davies has put his family and friends on to keep their immune systems strong and help minimize the negative effects of the COVID-19 virus will have on the body if they come in contact with it.  This recommendation is based on years of studying the immune system as well as utilizing input from some of Dr. Davies world renown and respected colleagues in the medical and alternative health care professions.


Disclaimer: Achieve DEPTH LLC recognizes that lifestyle choices and supplements can have profound health and wellness benefits, but we do not claim that any one of these options on their own will be enough to prevent, treat or cure illnesses or diseases, including COVID-19.

The goal of these recommendations is not to prevent you from acquiring the virus but instead to create an environment and immune response that is more likely to decrease the severity of symptoms experienced and to decrease the length of time those symptoms are felt.


Here’s what Dr. Craig Davies has to say...

"The scientific literature is full of incredible studies on the body’s immune system and how it can be improved to fight off specific diseases.  There is no one method of boosting the immune system that will work in all people, for all conditions all the time.  Instead, we must look at stacking a number of choices (supplements, lifestyle and environmental choices) that should allow our bodies the most optimal opportunity to fight off the COVID-19 virus as quickly and with the least disruption to our health as possible.

Research has shown that particular micronutrients, foods, and exposure to specific energies can support and enhance the immune system.  These are the nutritional and lifestyle choices I have encouraged my wife, daughters, family, friends, and patients to utilize.

It is important to remember that the novel Coronavirus is a new virus that has NO completed studies and NO proven methods to combat it.  However, the recommendations we are making is an extrapolation of the literature that deals specifically with the effects of this virus (cytokine storm, pneumonia, etc) and the results of studies performed on similar viruses.

When making choices we must consider how this virus expresses and the secondary infections in the respiratory system that are severely affecting or killing patients with this virus.  We must learn from the experiences of those professionals combating the virus in areas that were first exposed to the virus (Italy, China, France, etc).  We can all appreciate how quickly this virus can spread as there has never been a situation where so many governments have moved to tighten their borders, restrict travel or group gatherings before in our lifetimes.  The speed of the virus spread makes it extremely important that you begin to bolster your body’s defense systems NOW. Don’t wait until you have symptoms, as by that time it is often too late.

Remember…there is nothing in modern medicine to treat this at this time. We must create an environment now to protect us in the future.  Unfortunately for many of us, that future is approaching quickly.

We must do our part to give ourselves the best opportunity to cope with the novel coronavirus.  The key is that we must assume we may contract the virus but we can have the most optimized immune system prepared and waiting for it when it does enter.”