About Doctor Davies

Dr. Ara Suppiah

Twitter: @draraoncall

Web: draraoncall.com

Ara was born in Malaysia and developed into one of the top junior tennis players in Asia.  Instead of continuing in tennis Ara moved to England to study medicine at Liverpool University Medical School in England.  After graduating from medicine Dr. Ara spent 3 years training in surgery and then found his passion for emergency medicine.  12 years later, Ara is an ER physician, Chief Wellness Officer of Florida Emergency Physicians, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Central Florida Medical College and personal physician to many of the world’s top professional golfers, tennis players, and other athletes. 

Show Notes:

4:00 - Differences learning a sport today

12:00 - The art of the grind

13:00 - Great ball-strikers (Graham DeLaet, Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose)and the trap of early identification of professional potential

18:30 - The importance of learning how to win

23:00 - Learning a new skill

25:00 - The trap of sacrificing future health for today's ego

30:00 - Recovery, chronic inflammation, sleep

34:00 - Chronobiology, the PER gene and why we need both morning people and night owls

39:00 - Roger Federer, Nadal and the importance of creating efficiency

44:00 - The importance of maintaining your range of motion and potential to perform as we age and why movement is medicine

48:30 - Greg Kovacs and why my training sucked when I was a teenager

54:00 - Personalized medicine, the medical carwash,

101:00 - Ketosis, the pluses, and minuses and the role of genetics

104:00 - Why you need to take control of your own health and not rely on a health practitioner

106:00 - Why not everyone should be drinking bone broth, kombucha, and other "healthy" foods

114:00- The "DEAP 10


More About Dr. Craig Davies

Doctor. Conditioning coach. Fitness Trainer. Golf guru. Manual therapist. Author. Motivational speaker. Nike Golf mentor. Creator of Golf Performance Therapy certification programs. The list of descriptors you can apply to the accomplishments of Dr. Craig Davies is vast and inspiring. As an innovator and trendsetter in the world of human movement and personal performance, Dr. Davies shares the rarified air populated by super-star athletes and elite corporate directors. His remarkable success has made him one of the most sought after resources in the world for those individuals seeking to optimize their personal performance and achieve their goals in health, wellness, business and life. From the world’s best athletes to the corporate world’s most respected executives, Dr. Craig Davies has helped inspire, motivate and transform the lives of thousands.

On the PGA tour alone, Dr. Davies record of success is unparalleled. He has worked over 250 events and helped athletes accumulate 32 wins since 2009 including major championships, World Golf championships, Ryder Cups and President’s Cups. Applying his knowledge and expertise to a who’s who of professional golf clients, Dr. Davies results are reflected in the successful careers of PGA tournament winners Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose, Y.E. Yang, SY Noh, Anthony Kim, Sean O’Hair, Stephen Ames, Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar and Matt Every. He has consulted with a dozen international golf federations, PGA’s and related corporate entities, in the process helping each organization achieve levels of performance previously thought unattainable. As an accomplished author, Craig’s credits include his must-read first book Golf Anatomy, which has sold more than 40,000 copies and remains available in a dozen languages in countries around the world. His pedigree as a speaker at major health and fitness summits includes two keynote appearances at both the World Golf Fitness Summit and the Canadian Golf Performance Summit.

Craig’s position as the leader in movement, body mechanics and human performance is unique and makes him the most sought after Chiropractor, Fitness Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach to the world’s top golfing athletes and the golf world’s most prestigious national bodies. Dr. Davies developed the celebrated movement assessment and progression program known as The DEPTH Systems. These programs involve the most comprehensive physical assessment protocol and progressive performance method for athletes of all skill levels. That includes YOU.

Dr. Craig Davies works with the assumption that we are all athletes. Like the proverbial Tin Man of Oz, some of us may be a little rusty and dusty from long periods of inaction; but with the right joint lubrication and strict adherence to his system Dr. Davies will help you tap into your rich vein of hidden athleticism and achieve your optimum level of personal performance and DEPTH. Dr. Davies sophisticated web of professional colleagues ensures his clients receive the most comprehensive and personalized attention to any assessment finding. Through expert application of the analytics gathered from your personal assessment, Dr. Craig Davies will develop the most effective and safe program possible – custom designed to ensure YOU see tangible and life-changing improvements to YOUR performance, health and wellness.

For the first time, Craig has released his methodology and training program via his online and practical seminars. To find out more about upcoming seminars or to enquire about hosting a seminar please check out our calendar or contact Contact@AchieveDepth.com